China – Early Childhood

Improving Educational Outcomes for Youth

We believe that engaging parents and providing quality interventions during the crucial early days of a child's life can have tremendous impact on their subsequent development.

We work to promote equality in educational outcomes between rural and urban China



Our Theory of Change encompasses:
Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Age 0 to 3

Quality parenting services

coverage provided through parenting centers, home visits and online systems


upskilled with relevant parenting knowledge from pregnancy

Parenting Trainers

equipped to deliver quality parenting services

Early Childhood Education (ECE)
Age 3 to 6

Quality ECE services

provided in underprivileged rural regions

ECE Educators

provided with the right training, mindset and materials under Early Childhood Education Age 3-6


engaged in quality ECE models for personal development to achieve school readiness

China Early Childhood Programs

China Early Childhood Programs

  • Healthy Future

    Timely microlearning delivery during pregnancy and early child rearing

  • Parenting Centers

    Parent and caregiver training for better child cognitive and social emotional development

  • “Anji Play” Localization

    Promoting free play in early childhood education