Who We Are

Our Story

In 2012, building upon decades of charitable giving to education causes, Dr. MT Geoffrey Yeh founded The Yeh Family Philanthropy. In carrying on Dr. Yeh’s legacy, we believe education is a basic human right and a path towards lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

We are passionate about improving educational outcomes for youth at scale. In our philanthropy, we believe that a competitive advantage should be widely shared and become a collaborative advantage. As such, we are committed to building trusted partnerships with those that align with our values and share our goals.

Our Founder

“Help others build lives of purpose and prosperity”

In 1950, my life changed forever as I boarded the SS President Cleveland for the United States. In those days, it was not so common to see Chinese students traveling to America…

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Our Chair

“Every step of the way, we have learned”

We said goodbye to our father a year ago. It was the toughest goodbye I have ever said because there was no more “see you soon” or “call you later.” But even as we said our prayers…

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Yeh Family

“All of the family members are involved in personal charitable giving”

Dr. Geoffrey Yeh took over Hsin Chong Construction, growing it into one of Hong Kong’s leading construction companies and helping to build Hong Kong’s infrastructure…

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A History of Giving

“Through generations, the Yeh family has generously supported education through gifts to universities and other organizations”


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