What We Do

Our Approach

We add value beyond our funding. We have patiently scaled programs through our grantmaking, and through developing our own programs.

Now we seek to create systems-level impact - through deeper understanding of the systems in which we operate, forging alliances with across sectors towards shared system views, and nurturing promising, evidence-based solutions.


Hong Kong - Social Emotional Learning

Better emotional management and relationship building for all

We believe social emotional learning (SEL) to be a critical tool to address the current and future needs for all learners in Hong Kong, to help them achieve both personal and professional fulfilment.

HK SEL Programs

Aurora Academy

In-class activity-based SEL curriculum for secondary schools

Compassionate Schools

Whole-school compassion communication & SEL transformation for primary schools

Act Too!

Drama-based primary school transition program for kindergarteners & their parents

Journey Together

Train the trainer model on Psychosocial First Aid for youth workers and youth

SEED Health Education

School-based and community-based educational program for better Social and Emotional Well-being and Safety

Parenting License

Parent Education and Wellness Program for parents of children age 0-3


China - Early Childhood

Ensuring rural children are ready for primary school

We believe that engaging parents and providing quality interventions during the crucial early days of a child’s life can have tremendous impact on their subsequent development.

We work to promote equality in educational outcomes between rural and urban China.

China Early Childhood Programs

Healthy Future

Timely microlearning delivery during pregnancy and early child rearing

Parenting Centers

Parent and caregiver training for better child cognitive and social emotional development


Strategy Review 2019-2020

YFP underwent a strategy review process to review organizational impact and develop the current 5-year strategies in Hong Kong and China.


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Other Programs

Education and social entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship And Venture Philanthropy Education

Social entrepreneurship education for university students, working with real life social enterprises

Leadership Development Through One-to-one Tutorials

Leadership development through 1-to-1 tutorials

Teacher Training And Professional Development

Teacher training and continuous professional development