Donations for COVID 5th Wave Community Support

Donations for COVID 5th Wave Community Support

(Hong Kong – March 5, 2022) As communities across Hong Kong are reeling from the devastating effects of COVID’s 5th wave, The Yeh Family Philanthropy (YFP) has provided donations for emergency community support to address some of the most urgent appeals of Hong Kong’s frontline NGOs.

Funding has been provided to the following organizations to address both material and mental / emotional needs:

Branches of Hope: Care packages consisting of medicine and food to refugees and asylum seekers (RAS) in multiple districts

Dialogue in the Dark: Smaller care packages to establish connection for weekly calls to elderly living alone for 8-10 weeks, with calls made by visually impaired people of difference

Empathy for the Elderly: Care packages consisting of medical and hygienic supplies along with foodstuffs provided to the elderly either living at home or in nursing homes

Teen’s Key: Online mental health & well-being small group workshops, recurring online/call case management, personalized social emotional exercises, and social emotional learning games to over 100 young moms, girls and their families

YMCA: Lunch boxes to elderly living alone in Tung Chung district

YFP salutes the efforts of these organizations along with all frontline NGO’s who are helping Hong Kong’s at-risk communities during this difficult time.