JUST FEEL: Class Resumption Day after COVID 5th Wave

JUST FEEL: Class Resumption Day after COVID 5th Wave

(Hong Kong – May 11, 2022) As school classes resumed after a special March holiday due to the 5th wave of the COVID pandemic, JUST FEEL launched Class Resumption Days on 19th April and 3rd May with its partner school, Buddhist Chi King Primary School. These special back-to-school days provide opportunities for students and teachers to share about their feelings on the first day back on school campus. 

Large group activities were held on the school playground to give the students a chance to reconnect with their classmates and engage in play. Afterwards, the students returned to their classes and engaged in discussions on their feelings during recent challenging times, facilitated by their teachers and JUST FEEL’s social emotional learning curriculum.

While these Class Resumption Days were unique to Buddhist Chi King Primary School, the transformation of the school campus, teaching team and student body alike are all characteristics of JUST FEEL’s Compassionate School Programme in action. All across JUST FEEL’s growing partner school network, students, teachers and parents are learning how to be better aware of their emotions, communicate compassionately and build positive relationships within their families and school communities.

Phoenix Hong Kong Channel provided media coverage for the Class Resumption Days – more details are available here.

JUST FEEL is an NGO and social enterprise supported by The Yeh Family Philanthropy (YFP) to promote Social Emotional Learning in primary schools.