St. James’ Settlement: Act Too! Sharing Forum

St. James’ Settlement: Act Too! Sharing Forum

(Hong Kong – May 13, 2023) As the pilot Act Too! program came to an end in 2022, follow-up surveys and interviews were conducted to draw insights into the impact of process drama intervention in supporting K3 students and their parents during the kindergarten-to-primary transition. 

A sharing forum was hosted in hybrid mode with 36 schools/NGOs representatives online and 16 guests attended at SOWGOOD! center on 13 May 2023. Cammy Chong, trainer and project coordinator, showcased students’ and parents’ learning through process drama workshops and interactive theater. The research team presented key findings from their three studies that proved the program’s success and shed light on potential support needed for students and parents in the longer term. 

We were also grateful that two parents were invited to share their first-person feelings and achievements of improving their parenting skills and parent-child relationships. Principals from the participating kindergartens and primary schools also shared their views on the importance of social emotional learning for K3 and P1 kids. 

Details of the sharing forum and research findings are available here.

St. James’ Settlement is an NGO supported by The Yeh Family Philanthropy (YFP) to promote Social Emotional Learning in kindergartens and childrens’ families.

The Act Too! program has just received their internal recognition of being the Top 10 Shining Project in St. James’ Settlement. The program has also received another round of funding support from YFP to develop the phase 2 program.