Success of Inaugural HKBU NSM Cohort

(Hong Kong – August 24, 2019) With the wrap-up of the practicum presentations yesterday, our inaugural Nurturing Social Minds (NSM) cohort at The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has come to a successful close. Alongside our guests from Asian Charity Services, we were impressed and inspired by students’ dedication to their projects and their social venture partners. Their creativity and diligence were on display, and several social venture partners have commented on their maturity and resourcefulness, which were also apparent in the presentations and marketing content they produced.

The guidance, mentorship, and structure provided by the HKBU teaching team and social venture partners during the NSM course / practicum are readily apparent. We’ve witnessed the transformation of the students over the past year and we look forward to continuing our prosperous partnership with HKBU and our next NSM cohort in the months to come.